2nd Edition: A Rose is A Rose – contemporary art exhibition supporting victims of female genital mutilation

105 contemporary artists have taken part in our 2016 A Rose is A Rose – fund raising exhibition to support victims of female genital mutilation. The exhibition and art sale took place at the Desert Flower Centre (Krankenhaus Waldfriede,Berlin- Zehlendorf) from 16th – 18th September 2016, and online at www.AroseisArose.de. On that weekend, many art enthusiasts, collectors and visitors came by to the exhibition bringing more than 10,000 euros to the hospital and 14 art pieces sold.

Curator Dodi Reifenberg says the FGM cause has inspired contributions by artists from Germany, USA, Japan, Austria, Israel, Italy, U.K., South Africa, Spain, Syria, Mexico, Tunisia, Iran, Poland, Russia and Sweden, Czech Republic, Ireland. He is dedicated to combat this crime against humanity by creating yearly events such as this one.

“It’s amazing to see how many artists (107) have stepped forward to support the crucial work being done by the Desert Flower Centre. We’ve ensured that there is room for all, by advising artists to submit small sized paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs.” Dodi Reifenberg – Artist and Curator

Female genital mutilation causes needless pain and suffering to over 160 million girls and woman today. Complications can lead to infections and, in many cases, death. For our London exhibition, we intend in donating the proceeds to the Orchid Project based in the city (19 Oval Way, London, SE11 5RR). They do not operate or nurture victims directly but try to prevent the cutting from happening through cultural fieldwork programs (https://orchidproject.org).